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Authentic Italian!

     Vinnie Corbo is a well respected and predominant member of the Italian community. As president of the Grandsons of Italy, he has spent the past decade perpetuating Italian heritage and values. In 2009, he was awarded Italian Man of the Year for his charitable work and leadership.

     Vinnie's family immigrated to America in 1903 from the small town of Avigliano near Naples in Italy. His father, Vincent Corbo, Sr. was the first generation to attend college receiving a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and eventually becoming the CEO of one the the country's largest corporations proving the American dream is truly possible for Italian immigrants.

     Vinnie continues in his father's footsteps bringing Italian-American music and culture to audiences everywhere.


Video Medley of Italian-American Songs

Angelina/Che Le Luna/Zooma Zooma

That's Amore

Now That's Happy Music, Folks!

     Vinnie and his band, The Primo Bambinos, perform the classic Italian songs we all know and love. Their repertoire features hits by Louis Prima, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sam Butera and Nino Rota. Your guests will enjoy singing and clapping along with the band as they sing in English and Italian!

     The band also performs Vinnie's original Italian songs in the style of traditional Italian classics with youthful energy. These songs can only be heard by The Primo Bambinos. The songs Mama's Sauce, Basta with the Pasta and Yell If You're Italian never fail to get everyone singing and clapping along.

At The Grandsons of Italy Annual Christmas Party

for Children with Special Needs

At Los Angeles City Hall with Councilman Joe Buscaino

for Italian Heritage Day

Con Te Partiro - Big City Swing Committee
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